If you’re a sugar baby , you likely already know that social media can be a great source for finding new clients and engaging with current clients to keep them coming back for more. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have become common tools for sugar baby or escorts.

Unfortunately, social media can also be a source of stress and anxiety when it is used too much.  

So, how can you use social media networks if you are a sugar baby and want to maximize the pros and minimize the cons? Here’s some tips:

DO set limits on the time you spend on social media. Too much time on social media can wear on you. It can affect your mental health and leave you feeling drained.

DON’T pay too much attention to comments if people are not nice. Warn them when they are crossing the line and don’t hesitate to use the block button if they don’t listen. People can be assholes. That doesn’t mean you have to let them verbally abuse you.

DO be a real person. Not all of your posts have to be about dating or be sexy. Be funny or snarky or sarcastic - whichever style suits you best. The more real you are the less you have to remember about your persona.

DON’T share anything personal that could give someone the tools to find out where you live or find a way to reach you outside of your sugar baby life.

DO get a phone dedicated to work. A work phone gives you more control over how much access people can have to you. You can shut it down outside of work hours or work days. You can give your friends and family your personal number so that you know when a call/message is personal versus work related.

DON’T engage with people too much if they aren’t turning into clients. If they just want free pics and your time, remind them that this is your job. Ease back on communications if they are taking up too much of your time.

DO connect with other sugar babies. It doesn’t hurt to have people who understand the life you live. Also, not everyone is suited to every potential client. You may talk to a potential client that has very specific needs and desires that you can’t meet, but know of another escort that can meet those needs. If you recommend clients to other girls, they will do the same for you.

DON’T rely on social media for all of your promotional efforts. Social networks are finicky and don’t like sugar babies  on their platforms sometimes. Some people in the adult industry keep “backup” accounts and encourage their followers to like those accounts as well, just in case one account gets shut down.

Social media networks can be a great tool to find discreet adventure. They allow you to connect with potential clients and keep current clients coming back for more. Use it as part of your advertising plan. Just don’t make it your whole advertising plan.