Even if you were more likely to play with Hot Wheels than Barbies as a kid, or preferred catching frogs to estrogen-fueled  sleepovers, cruising solo or with some girlfriends is a perfect way to channel your inner girl power and have some fun. It offers the best of many options: the nightlife of a dance club, the sunbathing of a resort, the drinks and gambling of a casino, and the spa treatments of a wellness resort. It allows you to relax and unwind or throw caution to the wind and celebrate. Thankfully, for every unique woman out there, a cruise is available.

Although the options below aren't necessarily only for women, you'll find plenty of onboard choices geared toward females.

For the Crafty Women

Craft Cruises offers specialized cruises for women who enjoy fiber arts and crafts, as well as children who enjoy crafting. They sponsor classes onboard and related shore activities. They also host group meet-ups where crafters can show others what they're working on and share interesting things seen at port.

For the Free-Spirited, Adventurous Women

Gutsy Women Travel organizes all the details of vacations for women who want to renew and rejuvenate without needing to take care of others. Trips feature shore excursions that appeal to most women, such as wine tastings and visits to jazz clubs.  They also have group get togethers where you can build camaraderie with like-minded women.

For the Women Over 40

Gangplank Girlfriends is a vacation club for women. They specialize in cruises for ladies over 40 Cruises travel through the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska.

For the Older Women Who Want to Date Younger Men

Singles Travel Company LCC offers cruises for the cougars. The specialty company offers several cruises aboard Royal Caribbean each year that are geared toward women over 40 and "cubs," or men under 40 Typically, women are in their early 40s and 50s and the men are in their late 20s to early 30s. Cruises are with non-group members, but the agency organizes shore excursions and meet-ups for the cougars and cubs.

For the Black Women

Soul of America features cruises for professional Black women (and men). Each cruise follows a different theme, ranging from a musical festival at sea to a comedy cruise. Cruises vary in duration, size, ship, and itinerary.

For the Lesbian (or Bisexual) Women

Olivia charters the entire ship in order to make a memorable cruise for female cruisers who are either in, or interested in, same sex relationships. It isn't a dating agency, but rather an opportunity for women to travel together without concern about non-approving onlookers. Some singles options are available, as are traditional cruise activities and excursions.

For Women Who Want to Learn to Sail or Already Know How

Schooner Zodiac offers a Nauti-Gals Sailing Adventure. These 3-day cruises are for women of all ages who want to be at the helm of a 160 ft, 147-ton vessel. Cruises are through the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and allow sailors the opportunity to hoist the sails, steer the ship, and bond with other women. Off board, guests can hike, shop, drink, and kayak.

Whether you want to travel alone, or with girlfriends, there are plenty of excellent cruising options for women. Each opportunity provides a unique experience for travellers to get a taste of adventure while cruising the seas. Most importantly, the trips offer you the chance to travel without worrying about taking care of anyone but yourself.