Do's and Dont's For Escorts While Meeting Clients

Before escorts set out for an appointment with a client, they often make adequate preparation about their services and their safety during the meeting. As an escort, you need to adequately prepare for the meeting in your bid to satisfy your client and ensure you are safe. In most cases, independent escorts or agencies run a prior screening on the client based on some pre-listed criteria either by the agency or yourself. Once a client passed the screening, you might feel there is little to do about safety. But, you need to prepare for your professional conduct and other eventualities in case anything goes wrong. This is where you need a list of dos and don’ts to follow during your meeting with a client.

These dos and don’ts help you discharge your escort service with a touch of professionalism and sophistication. So, as you dress up elegantly, style your hair and where your enchanting makeup and keep the following dos and don’ts in mind:

Dos While Meeting A Client:

  • Immediately you arrive at the appointment venue with the client, compose yourself, and control the situation. You need to enter the venue with a great deal of confidence and assertiveness. This prevents you from unnecessary disrespect.

  • Even when the client is not quite a gentleman, try to stay professional, polite, friendly, and cordial for the duration of the meeting

  • Please make sure you keep minimal items on your person like limited cash and a mobile phone in case there is a need for it

  • When you feel uncomfortable or suspect anything weird, gently tell the client, you need to leave or cancel the appointment. It is advisable to take a driver along on an outcall booking.

  • Check the donation amount as soon as you get in. A Gentleman will ensure that you do not have to ask for it and places it neatly on the table. Make sure that services are constantly provided after the donation is taken and checked.

  • Usually, clients are often informed of the services which would be provided before the booking. But some may push for more and ask for services not agreed upon. If you find yourself in such a situation, remind the client about the term and conditions again.

  • Be seductive as much as you could with your appearance, talk and services; provide the client with the best value for their money. Try to fulfil their fantasies and fetishes, but not to the detriment of your comfort. Do whatever is possible within your safety and hygiene limits.

  • Guard your identity; keep any identity documents in your car or at home when meeting a client. It is best to keep your identity secret and discreet at all times as an escort. It saves you a lot of troubles.

  • Be thoroughly professional with a client for the duration of the session.

  • First, you need to ask a client to take their bath, especially when you notice they are not in a hygienic state. Irrespective of the amount the client offer, you be assertive enough to ask them to bath, or you help them with it. This prevents you from diseases or getting disinterested in client due to poor hygiene.

Don’ts While Meeting A Client:

  • Don’t give a client an excessively uptight attitude in a bid to be professional. Do not be full of attitude or materialistic. Have fun and give the client a swell moment without behaving like a sensual object.

  • Don’t wait for the client to pay your donation by himself and ask only if time has passed by and he has not offered it yet.

  • Avoid excessive drinking with clients. If you must drink to make a client feel comfortable with you, a glass or two is ok. Don’t drink a pre-opened beverage or pre-mixed drink. Ensure the client opens the beverage container in front of you or, better still, open it yourself. If he doesn’t, politely refuse. If you are going to party with the client, accompany the client and see the beverage being poured and carry the glass yourself.

  • When with a client, do not consume hard drugs or illegal substance and don’t condone their use in your presence.

  • Do not keep your purse with cash and mobile phone, and other valuable far away from you. It should always be close to you for safety purpose.

  • Remain professional. Do not develop an emotional relationship with your client or plan to marry or befriend him beyond a professional relationship. Though some clients will offer you the greatest things in the world, it might all be false. Don’t jeopardize your professional escort career for a deceptive client.

  • Do not get overwhelmed by a client or the environment. Stay confident and assertive. Assert all the signs of you being a thorough professional and act like you know the game inside and out, even if you are not a pro. Confidence and assertiveness always save you from rough situations.

  • Don’t get too intimate with a client to the extent of discussing your personal life with them.

  • Do not disclose your details like address, family, background and others with your client irrespective of how sweet or good they are to you.

  • Things may not go well as expected sometimes. You are prone to encounter some issues with clients as escorts. When such happens, do not take such bad sessions to your heart.

  • Similarly, do not feel disheartened or sucked in by your client’s problems. Let them pour out their mind to you, empathize with them but don’t let their problem affect your mood; you have your set of problems too.

  • Some clients may want to force you to do things out of your terms or pay you less with a threat to blackmail you or give you bad reviews. Don’t fall for the ploy. That is why you must control the situation from the get-go and stay professional till the end. Don’t negotiate price or do anything beyond agreed terms.

  • Avoid being scammed; you should accept payments in cash. Do not accept any other payment methods like Money orders, credit cards, bank transfers, cheques.

  • Do not agree to extend your time and services to a client without getting paid.

It is crucial to state that the dos and don’ts listed in this post are not exhaustible. There are still more salient guidelines to be observed when meeting a client. However, make sure always to hold the above dos and don’ts firm as you go about your professional escort services.